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TrueRelic provides used guitars remote inspection services. Relying on our experienced guitar luthiers, we provide detailed pre-purchase inspections that help guitarists deal online with confidence.

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Buy or sell your dream vintage guitar online; without fear, uncertainty, or doubt.


Founding story

When Eyal, our founder, went online to look for his dream vintage guitar, a rare 1965 Czech Jolana Tornado, he found himself clueless and overwhelmed. To begin with, only a few were available. And on top of that, it was near impossible to really know the technical state of each guitar. Sure, there were the sellers’ descriptions, but these sounded too optimistic and were lacking technical detail.

Eyal went on to ask for more images and video, but the responses were without structure or methodology. To cut a long story short, Eyal got his long anticipated guitar busted – most likely due to poor handling during transport. What a letdown!

The guitar-online-shopping struggle led Eyal to think of ways in which he could improve the online shopping experience for fellow guitarists. TrueRelic is the result of this ordeal and thought process. TrueRelic puts buyers and sellers back in control while helping them deal online with confidence and joy.

Our Team Of Expert Luthiers

With Decades Of Proven Experience, Our Team Is Prepared To Help Guitarists Buy or Sell Their Guitars Online, With Confidence.

While checking a guitar physically is “easy”, checking it online, while possible, is much more challenging. Our team of luthiers is made of exceptionally experienced and talented professionals who can do just that.

TrueRelic’s guitar luthiers meet the following requirements:

  1. 10+ years experience – in fixing and/or building guitars of all kinds (electric, acoustic, bass).
  2. Excellent communications skills and responsiveness – to be able to work with customers in real time via emails.
  3. High availability – once they receive the guitar’s data, they will submit the analysis report within 24 hours .
  4. Fanatic for quality and detail – our customers expect nothing less.

Are You an Expert Guitar Luthier? Join us at TrueRelic!

We believe that music is one of the greatest platforms for happiness — and that together, we can improve the the online buying and selling experience for many guitarists around the world .

With our unique inspection services, your work will help guitarists buy and sell rare vintage guitars online with confidence, thus helping them get their playing experience and enjoyment to the next level.

Music is global, so we are too. Wherever in the world you’re looking for a new adventure, chances are, we’re virtually there.

Inspect, Deal, Play!

Buying or selling a used guitar online? Let us inspect, appraise, and authenticate it so you can complete your purchase with confidence. More and more people buy used guitars online while not knowing what they are really getting. The result is either a decision not to buy the guitar at all, or acute fear of disappointment. This is where we step in and work our magic. TrueRelic’s team of expert luthiers provide a unique “Used Guitar Pre-Purchase Inspection” service that relies on videos, images and descriptions we obtain from the guitar’s listing. Our 7-part inspection report will tell you in precise detail how playable is the guitar, its appraised value, what faults it might have, and confirm its authenticity.

Our Core Values

Our values reflect those of a business started by musicians who are also entrepreneurs, and the common thread that runs through both:


We strive to provide high-quality inspection services that meet the expectations and requirements of our customers and suppliers.


We believe in and aim to demonstrate trust, honesty, consistency and responsibility with a willingness to admit our mistakes.


Yes, it's about the guitar itself, but to no lesser degree, about the guitarist's experience throughout the buying and selling process.


Eyal and Tzahi have been business and music partners for over 15 years. They’ve built a few successful online businesses, and they also play in a couple of rock bands. Everything they do, they do with passion, focus, and humility.

Tzahi Fridman

Vocalist, Entrepreneur

Tzahi is a hands-on tech architect, leader and manager with extensive technological and development experience. With strong passion for scalability and architecture, he designs and builds data driven systems and products. Tzahi is also an avid vocalist.

Eyal Rosen

Guitarist, Entrepreneur

Eyal is a proven ecommerce entrepreneur with both hands-on and strategic expertise. He is a lecturer at the Internet Association and the Google Startups Forum, and has an MBA from Columbia Business School, NY. Eyal is also a guitarist and vocalist and owns some vintage and rare guitars.

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